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Debt & Equity Funding

Project Appraisals

Finteglaw conducts a market survey, feasibility study and then prepares a scientifically designed project report replete with all realistic projections, consistent with the industry trends. The projections, sources and uses of the resources are discussed threadbare with the promoters and necessary inputs provide. Finteglaw provides the client with all necessary information and viable alternatives to raise financial resources. The project report is then vetted by the legal team for rectification of legal flaws to make the project compliant with the specific laws relating to the industry.

Loan Syndication

Finteglaw acts as arranger of loans and advances to its corporate clients. Finteglaw's excellent rapport with Financial Institutions enables expeditious syndication of loans. We prepare impressive Corporate Profiles, Financial Profiles and Information Memoranda for Loan Syndication. The quality and contents of the appraisal reports and other documents drafted by us cater to the requirements of the Financial Institutions. Our presentation has been well appreciated by Financial Institutions.

Structured Finance

Asset Backed Securitisation is done by packaging together a group of securities and then issuing a new security whose purchaser has a claim against the cash flow generated by the original pool of assets. Asset-backed securities are debt securities backed by the collateral (the security) of a pool of ring-fenced assets. Securitisation of financial assets involves carrying out due diligence and cherry picking of the homogeneous assets. The structuring of the Pass Through or Pay Through mechanism calls application for extensive legal, taxation and financial knowledge. Finteglaw offers its services to the issuer companies / financial institutions in carrying out due diligence and cherry picking of the assets, structuring the Pass/Pay Through Certificates (PTCs), preparation of the information memorandum for marketing the PTCs, and placement of the PTCs with institutions.

Distressed Asset Financing, One Time Settlements & Revival Of Closed Units

Normally when an account becomes NPA, Promoters and Borrower Companies are at a loss as to how to move forward with either single / multiple Lenders. Lenders resort to selling such NPA accounts to Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs). Our experts not only rise to the occasion by assisting the borrower company/ guarantors in negotiations with Lenders / ARCs but also help in working out mutually beneficial One Time Settlements (OTS) / Negotiated Settlements (NS) with Lenders / ARCs.

In cases where security is available, Finteglaw could also assist in arranging finance for such OTS / NS arrived at. Wherever there is a possibility of the unit becoming viable, our legal and financial experts work out the right restructuring plan for the borrower for revival of the unit and handholds the borrower company to turn around.

The changing national and international environment is radically disrupting and transforming the way of conducting business. The concept of restructuring involves adopting novel ways of corporate functioning. It requires organisations to constantly review their organisational design and structure, systems and procedures, statements on organisational philosophy, revamping business strategies,etc.

Finteglaw handholds sick units in restructuring resulting in (i) Business Expansion, (ii) Higher earnings, (iii) Leveraging core competencies, (iv) Corporate Control, (v) Clarity in vision, strategy and structure, (vi) Empowerment of employees and above all (vii) Re-engineering Business Processes.

Our experts at Finteglaw, have in the past also advised international agencies looking to step up shop in the Distressed Asset space in India.

Private Placement of Debt, Equity and Hybrids

Finteglaw fills the knowledge gap between the entrepreneur and the funding agency thereby enabling the enabling companies raise necessary capital to meet their growth objectives. We provide end-to-end advisory solutions to companies in high-growth markets on their capitalisation strategies, be it through debt, equity or hybrids. We help the client converge on the right kind of private equity funds, or debt investors as the case may be using our network of relationships with the investing institutions. We also hand-hold the client finalise definitive agreements with the potential investor and steers this process to attain financial closure.

Assistance in FDI, ECB and 'Make in India'

India's foreign trade policies have been formulated with a view to invite and encourage Foreign Direct Investment in India (FDI). The process of regulation and approval has been substantially liberalized under the "Make in India" Program of the Government. The Reserve Bank of India has prescribed the administrative and compliance aspects of FDI. We undertake on a turnkey basis, the establishment of business in India, right from incorporation to obtaining FDI approvals and financial closure. We also provide advisory on taxation, local laws, export/import and allied matters. We do provide Indian Directors on the Boards of Indian subsidiaries of foreign companies.